Stacey & Mike's Happy News: Long Lost Siblings Reunited

A pair of long-lost siblings who reunited thanks to a DNA test said they had spent years passing one another in the halls of a Texas hospital.

Raymond Turner and his family moved to Fort Worth in 2015, and he took a job as a producer at a recording studio at Cook Children's Hospital in Fort Worth where patients can record their own music.

Raymond started his job the same year that a mom named Christina started bringing her then-4-year-old son to the hospital for treatments.

Raymond’s wife bought him a 23andMe kit for Christmas and they were surprised to find he matched with a sibling: Christina!

A few days later, they were able to get in touch with Christina on Facebook and she looked at Raymond’s photos and soon realized she had seen Raymond earlier that same day, playing the keyboard at the hospital studio. 

The new found siblings are now enjoying getting to know one another.

Christine said, "It can only go up from here. It already feels like family."

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