Stacey & Mike's Happy News: Man Saves Tiny Bunny Drowning In His Pool

A man rescued a bunny that was drowning in his pool after spotting a strange reflection out of the corner of his eye. He noticed the rabbit while walking back inside from his backyard.

He found the bunny just as it had stopped moving, clearly exhausted, and began dropping its head underwater. He scrambled to find his pool scooper and get the bunny to safety.

The man, who makes YouTube videos, then grabbed his camera and began filming the situation.

The man from Lake Havasu City, moved the rabbit into the sunlight and fed it vegetables, sitting with the animal for several hours hoping it would begin to warm up and get some strength. 

He didn’t touch the bunny with my hands, and the closest they got to touching was when the rabbit sat in between his feet for a while.

Slowly, it started moving more and then it eventually just hopped away.

A few days later he saw it again and absolutely knew it recognized him.

The bunny came over really close to him and looked at him for a while before hopping of, which he sees as a sign that the animal knew just who he was and was grateful.

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