Stacey & Mike's Happy News: Is The Owl Visiting 98 yo Woman Late Husband?

Hey Jerome (Portland) thanks for sharing today's story.

A grandmother receives weekly visits from a chatty owl that her family believe is a sign from her late husband.

The owl visits Ranna almost every day and sits on her balcony for hours. It even tries to hop on her lap and “chats” back to her when she hoots at it.

The owl’s first visit to Ranna’s balcony was on February 24 of this year, exactly two years after her beloved husband’s memorial ceremony. Bob, who passed away in 2020, was Ranna’s husband for nearly 70 years.

Ranna’s granddaughter captured some footage when she visited her grandmother in Phoenix and saw her unique bond with the animal and fully believes the owl represents something special.

Ranna is not convinced that the owl is actually Bob keeping an eye on her, but her granddaughter says that the rest of their close-knit family is sure that Bob is keeping an eye on his love.

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