Stacey & Mike's Happy News: 21yo Autistic Entrepreneur Starts Recycling Biz

A young entrepreneur is making a major difference in his community and the environment through his cardboard box business.

Twenty-one-year-old Ashton Gilbert, who is on the autistic spectrum, started his own cardboard recycling business, UnBoxed, during the pandemic.

Both Gilbert and his mom, Ashley, said that they realized there was a whole lot of cardboard to be picked up around the neighborhood as online shopping became a much bigger thing in early 2020.

Ashley said her son really needed something to do with his time and thought it’d be a pretty simple little job for him to do, but it’s a little bit bigger than that now."

Gilbert officially founded UnBoxed in March 2021. To date, he's recycled 40 tons of cardboard.

What Gilbert loves most about the job is "interacting with customers," he said, plus helping the environment and giving back to his community.

His mom admitted that she never could have imagined what her son would accomplish while living with autism as well as facing other intellectual and mental health challenges.

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