Stacey & Mike's Happy News: A Mud-Caked Doll & Case of White Claw 4 The Win

Krystle Collier lost a lot when post-tropical storm Fiona battered her community and ripped her home apart. 

But the Port aux Basques, Newfoundland, woman is focusing on what she didn't lose. 

She's also grateful, she says, for the supportive community that has sprung up around her in the storm's aftermath. 

After the storm, she found her home in shambles. The storm had ripped out the main floor, and the upper floor had collapsed. She spent the day sorting through the rubble to see what she could salvage.

Much of the structure from the collapsed upper floor remained intact, she said, and she was able to salvage some personal items, including framed photos and her mother-in-law's clothing.

Her daughter's room was destroyed, and all her toys along with it — save a single doll, covered in sludge. 

Then she spotted her fridge, washed up ashore on her neighbor's lawn.

The drinks, remarkably, were intact. They reminded her of the peaceful summer she'd just spent sitting outside by the fire with her husband and their neighbors, sipping on White Claws.

A neighbor snapped a photo of her standing in the rubble, the fridge at her feet, triumphantly holding up several cans. 

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