Stacey & Mike's Happy News: "Captain America" Chases Down Runaway Car

Timothy White normally just pretends to be a superhero, but on Monday he became one for real when he dove into the side of a moving vehicle after the driver passed out behind the wheel.

Timothy is known among friends for his love of comics and dressing up as Captain America for events. He had just left work to run to the grocery store, when he noticed a pickup truck swerving all over the road and headed toward his vehicle.

He said he could see a middle-aged man nodding off behind the wheel, so he abruptly made a U-turn in the middle of the street, but at that point, he was four cars behind the truck.

He decided to pull over, shift his car in park and run after the truck, in loafers, sprinting more than a half-dozen blocks as the truck was up on the curb and hitting traffic signs. 

Eventually, he caught up to the truck and jumped into the passenger side of the cab and forced the truck’s gear shift into park. He took the keys and called 911.

An ambulance took the driver to the hospital for treatment for a medical emergency he’d suffered while driving. White said police suspected the driver was suffering from a diabetic shock. 

When told friends about his intervention on Monday, his friends got a kick out of it because Timothy dresses up as Captain America to attend events like an annual Anti-Bullying SuperHero Day.

He said adrenaline took over when he sprung into action, but he would do it again if he had the chance.

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