Just 82 Shopping Days Until Christmas! Start With The Hottest Toys of 2022

Started Christmas shopping for the littles yet? JC Penney lists the hottest toys this year and number one is the Talking Buzz Lightyear Action Figure.

Also high on their list is Blue’s Clues & You Bedtime Blue Plush, Peppa Pig Bedtime Lullabies Doll and LEGO Disney’s Ultimate Adventure Castle.

Two classics are returning and in high demand this year: the original Lite Brite. And lucky is the Barbie fan who's parents or Santa can afford Barbie’s Dream House man I wanted that Barbie Dream House like you don't even know!

Amazon's "Toys We Love" list is also out. And it even has a family fav with my boys Exploding Kittens! (we love cats and kittens, this is a silly, fun card game)

And let's not forget Bullseye's Top Toys.

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