Stacey & Mike's Happy News: "Riley's Rebuilds" Employs and Empowers Girls

Thank you to Carrie in Woodburn for sharing today's happy news with us. If you have happy news to share please hit us up on our facebook page.

The garage of a Florida home has become an auto shop for a group of teenage girls. Riley Trask started working on carburetors with her dad a few years ago.

She started doing this because she wanted to buy her first car after her dad told her that she would have to raise her own money. So through social media, the business started taking off.

About two months ago, through Facebook, they ended up getting a lot of carburetors, and it became a stable income for the girls who could quit their jobs and just work at Riley’s Rebuilds.

She said her business may have gotten attention because of her gender and age, but that's OK by her.

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