Stacey & Mike's Happy News: Purse of Memories From 1959 Found

Recently, when an old school building in a small town in Texas was being renovated, workers found a treasure hidden under some old floorboards…a purse owned by a young girl back in the 1950s.  

Inside the purse were handkerchiefs, a nail file, a wallet with notes and photos that read like a diary. Genealogists assisted in a huge social media search and eventually they confirmed it belonged to Beverly Williams.  

It turns out she was only 13 when she lost the purse, and Beverly went on to have nine children and died in 2016. Many of her children came to town to see the time capsule left by their mother. 

The purse and the pictures gave her daughters a chance to know the young girl their mom once was. And next Tuesday, the mayor of the town is going to declare it "Beverly Williams Day," on what would have been her 77th birthday. The purse will then be on display at the historical society.

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