Stacey & Mike's Happy News: 76yo Great Grandma Foils Thief With Cane

Thanks to Tate in Vancouver for sharing this brave Great Grandma's bravery.

A great-grandmother, using only her cane, saved another senior citizen from getting robbed in broad daylight in Oakland.

Earlier this month, Ring video from 76-year-old Miss Faye's home shows her running out her front door because she had spotted a vehicle she thought was a rideshare driver. But when a young man jumped out of the sedan and attacked her elderly neighbor, who is also in her late 70s, Miss Faye knew she had to jump into action.

In the video you can hear her yelling for her German shepherd Troy to come out and help. Since Troy was in the backyard, Miss Faye ran out with her cane to stop the attacker who was grabbing her neighbor's purse. She even used her cane to hit the car several times, which led to the suspect dropping the purse.

When asked if she was scared to intervene, Miss Faye said, “Not one bit.”

Police want to emphasize that they never encourage people to interfere with a crime in progress, but Miss Faye is grateful because this situation could have been much worse.

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