50 Yr. White House Groundskeeper Dale Haney Honored With Tree

Thank you to Krystal in Portland for sharing today's Happy News with us.

The Biden's this week surprised longtime White House groundskeeper, Dale Haney, who has cared for the White House Rose Garden and hundreds of trees for a half century.

To honor his decades of service, the Biden's chose a tree planting ceremony and together the trio planted an American Elm, which has a life expectancy of up to 200 years.

Jill Biden described Haney as “one of the most beloved people here.”

Over his 50 years, Dale has served 10 American presidents, starting with Richard Nixon, and has become the keeper of the president’s pets—from Nixon’s King Timahoe to George W. Bush’s Barney, to Obama’s Bo, and Biden’s German Shepherd, Commander.

Dale also helped Michelle Obama start her Kitchen Garden, which is still in operation today, he has helped supervise fifty years of the White House Easter Egg Roll, and every year he chooses the evergreen that will become the official White House Christmas tree.

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