Stacey & Mike's Happy News: Generous Land Lord Leaves Home To Tenant

Thank you to Andy in Vancouver for sharing this heartwarming story... 

23 years ago, Jane Sayner was looking for a house to rent and fell in love with a two-bedroom place with a yard. She took the empty yard and transformed it into a beautiful garden. Her landlord, John Perrett, had saved a lot of money, and was always giving back to the community. 

A humble pharmacist who made millions on the stock market left almost his entire fortune to the hospital that saved his life. John Perrett left $17.5million dollars to the Royal Melbourne Hospital in his will for giving him a kidney transplant 30 years ago.

 Recently, when he needed to move to a nursing home, he called Jane and told her the most shocking news: he was leaving the house to her. At 74 years of age, she has finally been able to retire, relax and enjoy life.  

Jane says “I thank him every day of my life. Just privately, I say, ‘Thanks, John.’”

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