Stacey & Mike's Happy News: Hero Dog Saves Owner From House Fire

Thank you Darren in Beaverton for this one!

Tyler Revel had fallen asleep in bed while watching football on Sunday when he was woken up by his dog nudging his head and whimpering and Tyler quickly realized his house was on fire.

He grabbed his dog, a 6-year-old pit bull named Monroe, and ran out of the house.

Tyler credits Monroe with saving his life and considers her his hero and he hopes sharing his story helps people to view his dog's breed, which has a reputation for being aggressive, in a new light.

Firefighters were quickly able to extinguish the flames, and no other homes were damaged or any injuries reported, though Tyler's house, which he had lived in for the past nine years, was destroyed, so for now he and Monroe are staying with a friend and taking it day by day.

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