Hero Sheepdog Recovering After Fighting Off Group Of Coyotes For 1/2 Hr!

Thank you Holly in Beaverton for giving us today's Happy News!

A Georgia sheepdog is recovering after heroically fighting off a group of coyotes. Casper works on John’s farm, who said Casper fought off more than half a dozen coyotes to protect his flock. The fight lasted for half an hour, he said.

After that, Casper disappeared. John said he sent messages on social media asking for people to help find him. Two days later, Casper returned home. John said he was in rough shape when saw his familiar face return to the farm.

LifeLine Animal Project stepped in to help. The organization has a mission to end the euthanasia of healthy animals in Atlanta by raising funds for treatments.

The group launched a GoFundMe campaign to cover Casper's $15,000 hospital bill. The campaign raised more than its goal, which will go toward helping save an animal's life in the future.

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