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Not Sleeping? 11 Bad Things Are Happening To Your Body

Hey your friendly pals over at want us to get some freaking sleep. Here's why. 

1. Waking up not refreshed.  Yep feeling like dirt, I know that one.

2. Slower cognition. 

3. Inability to read emotions.  

4. Greater risk of heart conditions.

5. Muscle loss.

6. Increased cravings.  Yeah that means weight gain is right around the corner.

7. Slower metabolism.  See #6

8. High blood sugar

9. Lower immune system

10. Lower libido.  Not tonight honey I'm tired. And hungry. And feel like dirt.  Wait, did you want to get busy or did I read that wrong? Is my heart racing?

11. Sperm count decreases. yikes.

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