Pearson Family Closes Out Premiere Screaming & Crying (SPOILERS)


Last night The Pearson's came back with the highest ratings in the shows history for the season premiere of Season 2.

Jack has left the building.  But which building? Miguel's house? The Pearson home before it went up in smoke? Or could it be a Manchester-By-The-Sea-like tragedy? 

We've all been replaying that final scene trying to figure it out! Mandy Moore in the Steeler's jersey showing up in front of the charred Pearson home with Jack's personal effects on the passenger seat. That heart wrenching scream...were Jack and Rebecca a couple whe he died? And why does Kate think it's her fault. But as Milo Ventimiglia tells us...we must be patient AND pay attention this season.  

Until then can we please just live in this moment?   

"You are my husband. And I am your wife. And if you have a problem we will fix it. Together. I just need you to get in the car. So we can go home" OMG! 

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