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7 Ways To Unwind Without Wine After Long Day

After a long stressful day it's sometimes really nice to have a glass of wine. However that sometimes turns into three and then you're actually piling on rather than removing stress from your body. Alcohol can disrupt sleep and bring hangovers. So I loved this list of other ways to de-stress from Women's Health:

1. Actually use your weekend to relax. Huh, what a concept.

2. Set social media boundaries and cut off times. 

3. Set aside one day for self care. Sleep in, stretch, take a walk etc.

4. Choose early nights with a good book over happy hour.

5. Create a soothing bedtime routine. Light candles, lower the lights, have decaf tea...

6. Reduce caffeine intake. Sorry.

7. Take Magnesium in the evening. 

NOW, who's ready to toss out all that wine in the kitchen? Anyone? Yeah you're right the weekend is almost here!

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