It's National Pet Day! The 10 Most Popular Pets Are...

It's National Pet Day. I think I'll take that to mean we should spoil them more than normal! Extra love and scratches and treats! Unless of course your pet is a tarantula. EWE...It actually made the Top 10 pet list in America.

This is Princess Leia, her buddy Solo is asleep upstairs. 

What kind of pets do you have? If you have a dog(s) you're in the majority!

  • Dogs 45%
  • Cats 30%
  • Fish 9%
  • Birds 5%
  • Hamsters, gerbils, mice 2%
  • Horses 2%
  • Snakes 2%
  • Guinea pics 1%
  • Iguanas, geckos, other lizards 1%
  • Tarantulas 1% 
Stacey Lynn

Stacey Lynn

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