Feel-Good Accessory For Summer: Crystal Water Bottles

I saw this and might have squealed just a little. I drink A LOT of water, like I've built up a superhero sized bladder. And I have a whole kitchen drawer for the different water bottles I use. Now this! From Gem Water, an LA startup. The bottles have crystal pods inside them that are not only super pretty to look at, but also infuse your water with healing energy and good vibes. Ok I have no proof of that but people have long believed in the positive energy of crystals to heal. 

Last summer, Vogue called it "the feel-good accessory of the summer" and Miranda Kerr is into them. 

My mom was/is all about energy and I grew up with crystals and gemstones all over our house. I had my favorite amethyst and rose quartz in my room and who remembers wearing crystal necklaces in the late 80's? I still have all of mine and love them for their beauty so I might try this just because it would put a smile on my face every time I took a sip. But then there is the cost   $78-300    

Stacey Lynn

Stacey Lynn

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