McDonalds Monopoly Game Was Rigged For 12 Years! (UPDATE)

We've all played the McDonald's Monopoly game at some point right? Was that point during the 90's because an ex cop managed to rig the game and steal 24 million over 12 years ending in 2001 when an FBI sting operation busted him. I'm feeling a bit McRobbed myself. 

Dude was working as director of security for Simon Marketing, the company that produced the game pieces. He stole pieces and gave to relatives or distant acquaintances in exchange for a cut of the winnings. Before long he had mobsters, psychics, strop club owners and convicts in on the action, even a family of Mormons who falsely claimed some 24 million in cash and prizes. 

It's really pretty fascinating, like I picture Sam Rockwell or John Cusack playing him. I'd go to that movie. 

UPDATE: Ben Affleck and Matt Damon have signed on to star in the movie. 

Stacey Lynn

Stacey Lynn

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