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8 Body Language Mistakes Hurting Your Career

There are 8 body language mistakes that could be doing serious damage to your career. AND your personal relationships as well. Self awareness in life can help you avoid much of this but in case you need a reminder, it's not cool to look at your phone. According to Your Tango, here are 8 no-no's. 

1. Crossing Your Arms

This can be interpreted as a signal that you’re closed off and not willing to listen 

2. Keeping Your Chin Up

Holding your head high can give the impression of confidence, but it can also make you appear condescending. 

3. Pointing Your Finger

It can come across as aggressive and rude, making the other person feel as though they’re being lectured. 

4. Poor Posture

Sitting with slumped shoulders and your head down conveys vulnerability and weakness and can make people lose confidence in you. 

5. Steepling Your Fingers 

What are you Dr. Evil?

6. Shaking Hands the Wrong Way

If you shake hands, don’t put your hand on top of the other person’s. “That’s a big no-no,” says Henderson, “because that’s a power play that shows, ‘I think I’m superior to you.’

7. Checking Your Phone

Uh. Duh.

8. Talking too Close

Listen with your eyes and notice when someone has pulled away from you or has taken a step back or needs more personal space

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