Halloween Fact: Michael Myers Mask Is Actually Captain Kirk!

When I was 11 my mom's boyfriend was in charge of watching me, I have no idea where she was or my two brothers but there we were, the week of Halloween. And he decided that I was old enough to watch Halloween with me. He rented the VHS and I was so excited to see a scary movie. 

Yeah I couldn't sleep alone in my room for weeks. It's always stuck with me as the scariest thing I've ever seen. I still remember the curtains in my room at that age, staring at them at night until my eyes watered, waiting to see if Michael Myers would appear behind them. Good God it still gives me chills.

Anyway, the mask? It was based off William Shatner's face! According to Jamie Lee Curtis, the film's art director, long before Amazon, had to go find a mask at a local LA costume shop and stumbled upon the Captain Kirk mask. The rest, they say, is creepy freaking history.   

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