Bohemian Rhapsody Earns Top Spot, DESERVES IT

Bohemian Rhapsody is the number one movie in the country making $50 million domestically, $141m worldwide.

And it was So Good. Rami Malek deserves an Oscar nod for his portrayal of Freddie Mercury. My 12 yo Cameron and I had a date planned to see the Queen biopic since the day the first trailer aired. He's a classic rock kid and multiple times during the movie he looked over at me like "OMG". When the movie ended there was applause in the theater! Cam said I wanted to clap so bad but I didn't want to look like an idiot, then the rest of the theater erupted in applause. When was the last time there was applause in a movie theater? 

I don't know what movie all of those negative critics saw but they were so far off the mark. One said the actors that played Freddie's band mates were forgettable. Absolutely not, they were perfect in their roles. Gwylim Lee (far right), who played Brian May, spoke volumes with his eyes alone.  

Cam told his brothers when we got home; "that was the best movie I've ever seen." The two best movies of the year (IMHO) were A Star Is Born & this one. Both musical stories of life ,love and loss.  Do yourself a favor and watch them both! 

Stacey Lynn

Stacey Lynn

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