Ways To Show Your Kids The Real Meaning of Thanksgiving

As parents, we hope our children will grow up with a strong sense of gratitude and Thanksgiving is the perfect time to show them how much they have to be thankful for in their lives. The holiday is just one day, but these things from PopSugar can keep the gratitude going all year long and show them the true meaning of Thanksgiving.

  • Spend quality time together - It doesn’t have to be anything special, it’s just about making a real effort to be together and showing the kiddos that family time is important.
  • Unplug - This goes with the spending quality time together, so when you’re carving out time for family, make everyone turn off the electronics and enjoy just being together.
  • Cook together - Use time in the kitchen with the kids to teach them how lucky they are to have warm meals. Cooking together also creates lasting memories you’ll all be thankful for.
  • Teach them about their family - Being with loved ones is a huge part of Thanksgiving and you can honor the relatives who aren’t with you anymore by telling the little ones stories about how your family came to be.
  • Tell others you’re thankful - Let your children create something like a card or a drawing to give to someone special to let them know how grateful they are to have them in their lives.
  • Volunteer - Lead by example and show your kids that giving back by helping others feels good and makes a difference.
  • Donate - It doesn’t have to be money, it could also be giving up old toys, books, and clothes to those less fortunate.
  • Do a random act of kindness - Teach them to try to make someone’s day, whether it’s paying a compliment or holding the door open for someone with their hands full.
  • Help others - People always appreciate a helping hand, so encourage kids to help others without being asked.
  • Learn about our differences - Help your kiddos embrace and appreciate everyone for who they are.
Stacey Lynn

Stacey Lynn

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