Stacey & Mike's Helping Hands

Stacey & Mike's Helping Hands

Stacey Lynn and Mike Chase From K103 Mornings with Stacey and Mike in Portland, Oregon Explore New Ways To Support Different Non-Profits and Charities Month to Month


Stacey and Mike's Helpings Hands-October: Ferguson-Murphy Bikes for Kids

Everyone remembers receiving their "first bike" as a kid. The mission of Ferguson Murphy Charities, Inc. is to provide bikes for kids from disadvantaged families in the Portland metropolitan area who otherwise would not be able to experience the pure joy of receiving their "first bike". Our goal is to purchase, build and deliver as many bikes as possible in time for Christmas and the Holidays. See great local video coverage here, here and the whole backstory here!

The run, which is a Christmas Eve tradition that began nearly 40 years ago, celebrates the holiday and friendship, but goes beyond mere beer and good cheer: Needy kids are also going to get a new bike for many as we can help, but we need to start now so there is time to pull it all together in time for the run this year!

Your donation to the cause helps us with buying "first bikes" for kids from disadvantaged families, so they can experience the pure joy of getting that "first bike" on Christmas morning. We have partnered with the Bike Gallery (Now Trek Bicycles) and Fred Meyer to purchase bikes and helmets at cost.

For every $75 you donate, another child will receive their new bike on Christmas morning. Please choose the level of giving that works for you. Your gift is tax deductible!

$75 = 1 Bike = 1 happy kid!

$150 = 2 Bikes = 2 happy kids!

$300 = 4 Bikes = 4 happy kids!

$375 = 5 Bikes = 5 happy kids!

$750 = 10 Bikes = 10 happy kids!

A forty year Portland tradition of giving new bikes to kids who need them most continues this year with The Ferguson-Murphy Beer Run and Bike RidePhoto: Oregon Live

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