A woman goes to the hospital to have a very serious operation. While on the operating table she flat lines and soon finds herself standing before St. Peter. She says to him, "Are you sure that I'm suppose to be here?" St. Peter says, "Let me look at the Book of Life." He looks carefully and says, "Why, no, my good woman, you're not due here for 30 or 40 years!" Suddenly, the lady wakes up in the O.R. and the doctor says, "Wow! We thought we had lost you!" The woman says, "Doctor, since I'm here and all prepped could you perhaps see what you can do about this flabbiness under my arms? And maybe give me a little tummy tuck and -- how about these facial lines?" A week later, the woman checks out of the hospital and is walking across the parking lot when she's hit and killed by a truck. She goes again before St. Peter and, of course, asks, "I thought you said I'm not due here for 30 or 40 years?" St. Peter says," I didn't recognize you!"