February 28th

If they're having a bad day, although they'd never admit it, one in five men will do this.  What?

Answer: Call their mom.


February 27th

Almost all of us have worn this, but less than one in ten of us have purchased it?  What is it?

Answer:  Bowling Shoes.


February 26th

The average person does this 16 times a day.  What is it?

Answer: They swear.


February 25th

When asked what word best describes their dream vacation, women said, "Romantic".  What word do men say described their dream vacation?

Answer:  Cheap.


February 24th

The better your education, the bigger this is.  What is it?

Answer: Their signature.


February 21st

Almost 1/3 of us say we can never do this without looking like we don't know what we're doing.  What is it?

Answer: Open a wine bottle.


February 20th

More than 95% of employees surveyed say it's important their boss have and use, one of these.  What?

Answer: Sense of humor.


February 19th

Almost 10% of us have broken THIS, while cheering for our favorite team.  What is it?

Answer: Cell Phone.


February 18th

Almost half of kids today will have one before they're four years old...What is it?

Answer: A cavity.


February 14th

Men who have one of these are more likely to be successful and be paid more at work.  One of what?

Answer:  A deep voice.


February 13th

It contains waters, petroleum additives, salt and lubricant, and kids love it.  What is it?

Answer:  Play-Doh.


February 12th

Eight out of ten American adults say they haven't done THIS in more than ten years.  What?

Answer:  Gone to the library.


February 11th

3/4 of the adults in a recent survey say TV has too much WHAT?

Answer: Reality TV Shows.


February 10th

Almost 70% of us admit to doing THIS when we go out to eat.  What?

Answer:  Order the same thing.


February 7th

Since you're an average person, you'll consume almost 140 of these this year.  What?

Answer:  Pounds of sugar.


February 6th

The #1 killer of birds in America is domestic cats.  What is #2?

Answer:  Windows.


February 5th

In a recent survey, people were asked, "If you were a flavor, what flavor would you be?"  The #1 answer was coffee.  What was #2?

Answer: Banana.