July 31st

A third of American husbands hide these from their wives.  What?

Answer:  Speeding tickets.


July 30th

More than half of moms say if they did this, they would be better moms.  What?

Answer:  Get more sleep.


July 29th

Email is the #1 use of the internet.  What's #2?

Answer:  Search.


July 25th

Now, the average woman spends 17 minutes a day doing WHAT?

Answer:  Texting


July 24th

Three out of four American homes have one of these.  You probably won't use it more than twice or three times a year.  What is it?

Answer:  A dining room table.


July 23rd

26 % of people say Oreo's are their favorite store-bought cookie.  What is #2?

Answer:  Fig Newton's


July 22nd

While it was invented in 1498, something that most of us use everyday, wasn't routine in the u.S. until WWII.  What was it?

Answer:  The toothbrush.


July 19th

This is now the #1 reason Americans go to the doctor.  It's up 30% in a decade.  What?

Answer:  Depression.


July 18th

In the US alone, around 300 million of these will be born in 2013.  What?

Answer:  Turkeys.


July 17th

Fewer than 40% of Americans can do this.  What?

Answer:  Touch their toes.


July 16th

Human's start doing this at age 2.  What?

Answer:  Fibbing.


July 15th

You're going to do this 34 times today.  What?

Answer:  Look at your cellphone.  That's the average for a person who owns one.


July 11th

The average person does this 3 to 5 times a day, usually when no one's watching.  What?

Answer:  Talk to themselves.


July 10th

Dream researchers say THIS is the #1 thing Moms dream about.  What?

Answer:  Winning the lottery.


July 9th

Researchers say you'll do this 22 times today.  What?

Answer:  Open a refrigerator.


July 8th

Up to 75% of us have something in common, and we're not aware of what it really is.  What is it?

Answer:  We're dehydrated.


July 3rd

40% of the men listening to our show can't tel you this about their significant other.  What?

Answer:  Their shoe size.


July 2nd

28 million Americans sya they've never done it.  What?

Answer:  Eaten a hot dog.


July 1st

We've all done it a few times, but right now, at this very moment, there are 370,000 people doing it.  What?

Answer:  Sitting on an airplane.