June 28th

The average one of these is $67, but it doesn't cost $67.  What is it?

Answer:  An ATM withdrawl.


June 27th

Researchers say you consume two of these a year?  What?

Answer: Bottles worth of ketchup.


June 26th

It is predicted that 80 billion of these will be consumed in the U.S. this year.  What?

Answer:  Eggs.


June 25th

The older you get, the less you do this.  What?

Answer:  Smile:-)


June 24th

70% of Americans hae something in common.  What?

Answer:  Taking at least one prescription medication.


June 21st

56% of the people in the world have ONE right now.  What?

Answer:  An untreated cavity in their teeth.


June 20th

Almost half of stay-at-home moms have done this in the last year.  What?

Answer:  Bought a product from an info-mercial.


June 19th

The average woman says she begins to regret THIS after an hour and ten minutes.  What?

Answer:  Wearing high heels.


June 18th

According to a survey, the average woman says she starts doing this at the age of 31.  What?

Answer:  Starts acting like her mother.


June 17th

100 million Americans will do this today.  Janine and I are among them; John is not.  What is it?

Answer:  Drink coffee.


June 14th

According to GQ Magazine, men admit that they do this MORE than women; and it's not what you expect.  What is it?

Answer:  Go on a diet.


June 13th

Studies show women in this profession are most likely to internet date.  What profession?

Answer:  Teaching.


June 12th

Anew study shows that on average, men do this 29 seconds faster than women.  What?

Answer:  Change a diaper.


June 11th

In a survey of office workers, 37% say they've caught a co-worker doing what?

Answer:  Picking their nose.


June 10th

If you're an average 45-year-old, you have owned approximately 1,350 of these.  What?

Answer:  Pairs of socks.


June 7th

Almost 70% of administrative professionals have done this in the last 12 months.  What?

Answer: Gained weight.


June 6th

11% of women absolutely refuse to wear these even if it means missing out on the fun.  What are they?

Answer:  Bowling shoes.


June 5th

In 2012, Philadelphia had the most, while Tampa Bay had the least.  What?

Answer:  Major League Baseball spectators. The Phillies sold just over 3.5 millsion tickets; Tampa Bay just over 1.5 million.


June 4th

Twenty years ago, the average person did this 40 times a year.  Today that number has fallen below 20.  What is it?

Answer:  Send a Christmas card.


June 3rd

Research says that people in this profession get the most headaches.  What profession?

Answer:  Accountants.