March 31st

Just under 10% of us did it in our cars this weekend...did WHAT?

Answer:  Take a "Selfie".


March 28th

This year Americans will spend 3 billion dollars on this...what is it?

Answer: NCAA Basketball Brackets.


March 27th

Kids were asked what do you most hate to hear your parents say?  #1 was, "Money doesn't grow on trees"...what was #2?

Answer: "We'll see"


March 26th

More than half of us are and doing this right now and shouldn't be.  What is it?

Answer: A pass code on our cell phone.


March 25th

A recent survey asked, "What's in your junk drawer that you can't live without? The  #1 answer was keys, #2 rubberbands.  What's #3?

Answer: Birthday Candles.


March 24th

Everybody has one but most of us don't know how to clean it properly.  What is it?

Answer:Our pillow.


March 20th

Money is #1 on the list couples argue about, #2 is chores...what's #3?

Answer: Snoring.


March 19th

The most recalled advertising slogan is "Got Milk"...what is #2?

Answer:  "Don't leave home without it" from American Express.


March 18th

In 2004 there were 9,000 oft there are fewer than 60.  What are they?

Answer: Blockbuster Video Stores.


March 17th

Almost 30% of us never do THIS without our partner.  What is it?

Answer: Watching TV together.


March 14th

25% of us have lost our cell phones and found them here.  Where?

Answer:  In the laundry basket.


 March 13th

40% of Americans never change this unless they're forced to.  What is it?

Answer: Passwords.


March 12th

Nine out of ten computers have at least two of these.  What?

Answer:  Viruses or Malware.


March 11th

Almost nobody keeps gloves in their glove compartment, but they do keep other stuff in there.  The #1 item is proof of insurance and registration, #2 is napkins; what is #3?



March 10th

When asked "where are the Great Lakes?"  25% of high school students said they were where?

Answer:  On the Moon.


March 7th

One in five drivers will see one of these today inside their car.  What is it?

Answer: They'll see a warning light.


March 6th

Except for one day a year, you don't want to see these.  But by the time you leave this earth, you will have seen two million of them.  What?

Answer:  TV commercials.  The one day a year we don't seem to mind commercials is Super Bowl Sunday.


March 5th

What's the #1 answer to: If you could write off anything one thing on your taxes, what would it be?

Answer:  Starbuck's costs.


March 4th

The average American will spend more than an hour a week doing WHAT?

Answer: Use the snooze button on their alarm clock.


March 3rd

The average woman will spend about 335 hours this year doing what?

Answer:  Getting ready to go out.