The City of Portland bears a financial burden and operational risk while relying on outside partners in running the Portland Streetcar, according to an audit released by City Auditor LaVonne Griffin-Valade.
“We found the City needs to apply more management control to meet its legal and contractual requirements, protect the public interest, and explicitly link the City’s enterprise-wide goals to more detailed Portland Streetcar plans,” said Auditor Griffin-Valade.
The City’s partnership arrangement for Portland Streetcar is complex, according to the audit.  The ownership and operations responsibilities are characterized in various ways, even within the City’s own records.  Ultimately, Portland Streetcar is owned and operated by the City through the Portland Bureau of Transportation (PBOT).
“After years of system growth, the City needs to focus on aligning its mission, strategic direction and partnership structure to ensure the success of Portland Streetcar operations,” said Griffin-Valade.
The audit makes several recommendations including that City Council defer future Portland Streetcar system expansion decisions until PBOT has developed a Portland Streetcar mission and strategic plan, new contract agreements, and improved transparency in financial reporting.

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