Oregon wants to help give President Obama what he wants and that was the reason why people who make their livings from Oregon's weather got together in downtown Portland Monday.

The president wants to reduce carbon emissions.  But first people need to know the damage being done. Oregon First District Representative Suzanne Bonamici explains "we're especially concerned how climate change threatens agriculture and other weather dependent industries like outdoor recreation."

Someone who's been watching and charting Oregon weather for decades is Harry Peterson-Nedry, the founder of Chehalem Winery in Newberg.  "The climate that we got (sic) now is different than when the industry began in the middle sixties.  This is a changing climate and we as an industry recognize it."

Matt Drake at Mount Hood Meadows, a premier ski location, echoes Peterson-Nedry's concerns.  "We're seeing winter, basically, kinda compress.  We're still seeing lots of volatile events at the resort but less snowpack and less snowfall. Lots of moisture but not so much snow.

Roby Roberts with EDP Renewables says green businesses are adding jobs and tax dollars to Oregon.  "In Oregon over nine billion dollars has been invested in clean energy; that is wind, solar, biomass and geothermal.  And many of our companies who invest in Oregon are the biggest taxpayers in rural Oregon."

Bonamici, Peterson-Nedry, Drake and Roberts were part of a Monday news event using social media to build support for Obama's plan. 

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