From the moment you announce you’re expecting a baby, people come out of the woodwork to offer advice. But there are some things they forget to mention, as pointed out by a blogger mom.

• It will take you at least five hours to watch a movie at home.

• You will rush through all of your meals as if you were in an eating contest.

• You will compare and contrast your baby against all others and think yours is the Best. Baby. Ever.

• Since your baby wants to mimic you, you will be forced to hand over expensive electronics and pray that they won't be ruined.

• You will become an adult and your non-adult friends will fade away.

• No matter how great your relationship is with your spouse, you will experience more conflict than you ever did before.

• You will be embarrassed and humbled by cleaning up poop, experiencing your child screaming in public and/or being that person who is slowing everyone down/getting in the way.

• You will make noises you did not know were possible in an effort to elicit a smile from your baby.

• You will learn that the symptoms of sleep deprivation closely resemble severe mental illness.

• Your newfound interest in poop will frighten you. When, how much, color, consistency -- you may talk about poop more than anything else.

• You will realize that you never knew this kind of deep love until now.

• No matter how much baby-proofing you do, your baby will find the one thing you didn't baby-proof.

• No matter how good your intentions are, keeping up with your baby book is nearly impossible.

• You are so worried about what your child eats, how much, when, etc. you can forget to eat yourself. Or there is just no time to eat. You may find yourself standing in front of the fridge holding your baby and stuffing string cheese into your mouth.

• It's hard to talk about anything other than baby. If you somehow manage to go on a date with your partner and make a concerted effort to avoid the subject, you will probably be rewarded with some awkward silences.

• You become insanely paranoid. Every toy, blanket, crib, etc. is a potential threat to your baby's well-being.

• You think airport security sucked before?

source: hufpo