Okay, SERIOUSLY. It's time for a change. Most of this furniture (see below) I've had since college or it was handed down to me by a friend who became a grown-up and got grown-up furniture.I WANT GROWN-UP FURNITURE. It's about time, considering I'm in my mid-30s*! (Note: "Mid-30s" may or may not be accurate.)

I searched a bunch of chain furniture stores for great deals and something unique. MEH. Went to the interwebs and searched for "Oregon-made furniture" and found the happy place: What's New? Furniture.

Gorgeous stuff, classic styles and BEST OF ALL: Oregon-made sofas, chairs and chaises! EEEEE! You gotta check it out here. They also do consignment -- perfect for those retro tendencies. 

I'm totally gonna need your help picking out the right sofa! I'll post a couple sofas I'm leaning toward soon. Email me if you have any suggestions: feliciaheaton@iheartmedia.com! 

Alriiiight, here's my apartment now:

Sure, it's not HORRIBLE. I call it "shabby chic." But, two things:

A) It's a good thing this isn't some scratch 'n' sniff blog post.

B) The low lighting effectively hides the stains and cat destruction.