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Turkey has over 150,000 stray cats and dogs. The solution, pet vending machines, which are just THE CUTEST thing ever.






There aren’t enough people in the city of Istanbul, Turkey, to adopt the 150,000 stray dogs and cats. They do however have pet vending machines! To feed all of the strays until they find a home.








The pet vending machines, created by Pugedon, a Turkish company, double as recycling receptacles, keeping trash and litter off the streets, while feeding cute little animals.








Once a piece of recycling, a plastic bottle or a pop can, is placed in the machine, kibble is dispensed for the little cuties walking about. Most of the machines can be found in parks and public areas.








The machines even pay for themselves! The money from the recycled material is then used to buy more food. Check out some more photos:







And check out the video below for more info: