Educator of the Week - Reggie Stegmeier

Reggie Stegmeier, Band Teacher at Tualatin High School in Tualatin, Oregon

Nominated by Kate Serrano (parent) & Becca Hayes (student)

"Reggie Stegmeier is an awesome teacher. Previous to him teaching, the school band had very low membership. Since he became the band teacher, the size has gotten so big that they break it into groups when doing performances, because there are so many kids.  He jams with the students.  They can never stop talking about him!  My daughter is in his band class for the first year and loves him.  He is such a cool teacher, and works his butt off with these kids, and does such an amazing job." -Kate Serrano

"Reggie is the best teacher I have ever had. He is very compassionate and hilarious. Reggie starts the class period with "Random Facts", and brightens our mood. He also created the Jazz Band three ago, when I was a freshman, and now jazz is a huge part of my life. If Reggie never started working at Tualatin High School, I don't think I would still be in music." -Becca Hayes

Congrats, Reggie, from all of us at K103! Get to know Reggie Stegmeier:

What inspired you to become an educator?

My father was teacher and the impact he made at school and in the lives of the hundreds of students he taught was a great inspiration to me.  I was also blessed to have some really great teachers who steered me down the path of education.

What do you like most about teaching?

I love working with young people and I love seeing them get excited about music and performing!  I also love watching them develop as a person as much as I love to see them develop as a musician.

What has changed the most since you began your career in education?

There are more distractions (cell phones) and demands placed on our students today.  It seems as though there are more after-school activities, even during the school day, that impact our practice and performance schedules. 

What would you like parents to know about your job?

I would like parents to know that what they see at our formal concerts three times a year is the mere icing on the cake.  The real work is done in the classroom on a daily basis and during evening and weekend rehearsals and retreats.  Also, that we as educators are called upon to do so much more than teach our subject.  Daily we wear the hat of parent, counselor, advisor, encourager, inspirer, and many other such titles.

Share a favorite story about your years in education.

Recently I had a student come in my office and share with me that I was one of the reasons she received a full-ride to Oregon State University.  It's neat to see and hear that you're efforts as a teacher are appreciated by your students and that you are truly making an impact in their lives.

Each week during the school year, K103 and Concordia University will honor a local educator.  Each week, our honored educator receives:

  • $103 Gift Card for Classroom School Supplies
  • The Crystal Apple Award
  • A Concordia University Continuing Education Scholarship

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