Nearly Impossible Question - October 2017

October 20th

This happens to most parents 15 times a day.  What is it?

Answer: You get a free minute to yourself.

October 19th

Almost 1/4 of us have taken THIS to a restaurant, or seriously considered it.  What?

Answer:  Our own salad dressing.

October 18th

Almost 1/3 of women say they wish they had another one of THESE.  What?

Answer:  A day off.

October 17th

Almost 1/4 of Americans say they've had a day totally wrecked by THIS.  What?

Answer:  Social Media.

October 16th

Doing this while on vacation triples the chances you'll fight with your spouse. What?

Answer:  Dieting.

October 13th

40 years ago 90% of these came from Canada, today it's less than 50%.  What is it?

Answer:  National Hockey League Players.

October 12th

More than 30 million Americans will use it today, chances are 1 in 6, they got it from someone else.  What is it?

Answer:  A cigarette.

October 11th

New research has uncovered the #1 location where girls got their first kiss.  Where?

Answer:  Their backyard.

October 10th

It's a 32 billion dollar a year industry, and some of their product is used 350 times per second.  What is the product?

Answer:  Pizza.

October 9th

Although they almost never talk about it, estimates are almost five percent of women will do this in the couple of years of their marriage. What?

Answer: Lose their wedding ring.

October 6th

Before 1950 this happened to most Americans about once a week, now it happens almost daily. What?

Answer: Take a bath.

October 5th

Americans say this is the #1 thing they hate about their morning commute.  What is it?

Answer:  Getting stuck behind a school bus.

October 4th

More than 65% of women say it's more stressful than a first date or job interview.  What is it?

Answer:  Going without makeup.

October 3rd

It's not true, but 60% of moms have said THIS to their children.  What?

Answer:  Don't cross your eyes, they'll get stuck like that.

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