Nearly Impossible Question - November 2017

November 30th

This will happen to the average driver 9 times in their driving career.  What is it?

Answer:  Lock themselves out of the car.

November 29th

If you're in your car for 60 minutes today, you'll be doing this for 4 of those minutes.  What?

Answer:  Looking at your phone.

November 28th

Almost 3/4's of men credit their success to this; only 1/3 of women do.  What is it?

Answer:  Their mother.

November 27th

You might have gotten one Friday, you might get one today – we purchase 40 million of them every year. What?

Answer:  Flat Screen TVs.

November 17th

Almost 10% of us are still pay IT off?  What?

Answer:  Last year's Christmas presents.

November 16th

Americans will eat almost 100 million pounds of IT this year.  What?

Answer:  Marshmallows.

November 15th

This hasn't happened in America for more than 37 months.  What is it?

Answer:  A shopping mall opening.

November 14th

If you do it at all, and you should, it'll cost you less than a quarter this year.  What is it?

Answer:  Use your turn signal.

November 13th 

Men are almost 75% more likely to do this in the shower than women. What?

Answer:  Adjust the shower head.

November 10th 

When we're getting ready to go, 90% of us do WHAT?

Answer:  Put the left sock on first.

November 9th

One in five Americans cannot name a single WHAT?

Answer:  Author.

November 8th

Collectively Americans will lose more than 20,000 of these this year; a large percentage of them a week ago. What?

Answer: Tooth fillings.

November 7th

If you have a pet there's a one in five chance you've done THIS.  What?

Answer:  Included them in your Will.

November 6th

Between 80-90% of us say that our most recent purchase decision was shaped by THIS.  What?

Answer:  An online review.

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