Rob Lowe Coming To PDX, What Do YOU Want To Ask Him?

So ROB LOWE is coming to The Schnitz May 4th and I'm beyond thrilled to see his one man show "Stories I Only Tell My Friends".  

I read the book years ago when it came out and I adore the many faces of this guy. About Last Night is one movie I had on VHS, then bought on DVD and now I own the digital version. Can't say that about many movies! I just started watching West Wing again...I could go on but instead I'll let you enjoy some of his best characters and moments below. What's your favorites of his?

And hit us up on Facebook so we can ask YOUR questions when he calls in to my show tomorrow (Friday 4/13.

This is such a cool behind-the-scenes look at the casting of The Outsiders! Maybe Rob will share stories from that! 

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