Stoller Family Estate Winemaker's Dinner

Join in our paired dinner series in which our chef will collaborate with local wine producer, Stoeller Family Estates to deliver an impeccably complemented multi-course meal. 


green garlic and potato soup   

spring peas, serrano ham, mint 


chicken and pork dumplings   

Sriracha verde, pickles, butter lettuce 


18 month jamon, smoked creme fraiche, ocean vinaigrette 

new bedford sea scallops   

Turkish hummus, sesame and spring vegetable salad, za’atar vinaigrette 

confit duck leg 

blue corn hominy, cherry date mole, charred farm frisee 

lamb shank ‘vindaloo’   

spring dug parsnips, curried carrots, turmeric 

chocolate almond financier 

spiced chocolate ice cream, mole chocolate sauce, Washington cranberries 


As a chef whose passion is deeply entrenched in his craft, Alexander Sullivan-Parker is relishing in the Northwest’s agriculture and natural abundance.   

Relocating from Boston with Ken Oringer’s Clio as just one of many revered chefs to contribute to his pedigree, Alexander continued to challenge himself with new techniques at Castagna.  

After discovering his own style and learning to fashion his food towards an intense wine program at Muselet, he settles his roots at two concepts (Swank and Swine) in the Paramount Hotel.  Allowing the landscape and seasons to play muse to his limitless creations.

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