Coors Light Rip City Ride to the Hillsboro Hops @ The Sports Page

Hop on the Rip City Ride and get to the ball park! Frost-brewed Coors Light wants to give you an amazing night at the ballpark to watch the Hillsboro Hops play ball! First, come to the Sports Page in Beaverton Saturday, August 25th from 4 to 6pm. We'll have your chance to win tickets to that night's Hops game and a seat on the Coors Light Rip City Ride. That's the luxury party bus from JMI Limousine stocked with plenty of the World's Most Refreshing Beer. So don't miss it, head to the Sports Page, Saturday, August 25th and enjoy $2.50 pints of Coors light! If you're a sports fan, The Sports Page should be your go-to place for all the action - they have EVERY sports programming package, including EVERY SINGLE NFL game. Plus great food with breakfast served all day and outside seating with TV! So get to The Sports Page, Saturday, August 25th from 4 to 6 and see the Hillsboro Hops take on Everett and go to the game in luxury on the Coors light rip city ride! From JMI Limousine - "Say NO to DUI, Say YES to JMI" and Frost-brewed Coors light - World's Most Refreshing Beer!


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