IN-N-OUT Burger IS Coming!

IN-N-OUT Burger is coming soon to Keizer!! If you've never had one of their burgers, the answer is yes. It IS all that people say it is. And the fries are ridiculous. We used to road trip to California to see my mom when the boys were younger and we always timed it out to land in Redding, CA right around lunch time. Because Redding was the closest IN-N-OUT burger to Portland. 

Of course since then they've added them in Grants Pass and Medford. And according to the burger chain's rep who met with the Keizer City Councel says, "Oregon is considered a new market for In-N-Out," Seki said during council meeting. "Only two restaurants — Grants Pass and Medford — have been open to date. The city of Keizer will be the third." That's a 45 minute drive I'm willing to take!

No date has been given for when we can get our hands on a Double-Double. 


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