Daily Drip Links for September 11th, 2018

Well...hello there! The good old Daily Drip has popped up in your news feed on September 11, yes, a Tuesday, and Portland's weather sure has that early-fall feeling; we'll get scattered showers and possible thunderstorms, with highs of 68. Sunrise 6:44 AM, Sunset 7:29 PM, our first pre-7:30 sunset since before Easter.

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92-year-old woman orders food straight from delivery guy, he obliges and helps her out (Facebook)

California musician--set to release album titled 'Mind of a Hero'-- Jumps in Front of Woman to Prevent Starbucks Stabbing (ABC 23 Bakersfield)

Teen praised for helping crying Year 7 boy on wrong school bus (Sky News)

Homecoming Queen also nails game-winning extra point (New York Post)

Coral reef defies expectations and regenerates after fish farming damage (The Times of Israel)


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