K103 Honor Roll Recognizes Outstanding Teacher Kala Ott

K103 and Concordia University are pleased to honor and support outstanding educators making a difference in the lives of students in their schools each month. Congratulations to this month’s honored educator, Kala Ott, 5th Grade Teacher at John Wetten Elementary School in Gladstone, Oregon! This is Kayla's 7th year teaching, and when asked what keeps her motivated to teach, she said that she loves her relationships with the kids, getting to know them, watching them grow socially and emotionally and helping them to become great citizens of the world!

Kala was nominated by parent Andrea Alba, who had this to say:

Ms. Ott goes above and beyond to create a fun and safe learning environment. When you step inside her classroom, you are instantly transported into the wonderful world of Harry Potter. Her kids are treated with respect and therefore treat her with respect. After math quizzes they have disco parties. In the winter they have “snowball” fights with crumpled up pieces of paper. If something is well done, the class surrounds you and congratulates you. Homework is optional. Her approach to education is so refreshing and her kids love her for it. My son describes her as cool and smart. We love her to death and can’t sing her praises enough. My son has blossomed under her tutelage, going from someone who dreaded reading to a kiddo who devours book after book. Ms. Ott is a very special teacher and I can’t believe how lucky we are!

Congrats, Kala, from all of us at K103! 

The K103 Honor Roll is powered by Concordia University, with support from CTL.  K103, Concordia University and CTL thank all the amazing educators who make our schools great! Each month during the school year, K103 will honor a local educator with a spot on the K103 Honor Roll. Each honored educator receives:

  • $500 Gift Card  from Concordia University for school supplies
  • Concordia University Continuing Education Scholarship valued at $2800
  • $2500 Technology Grant from CTL for new Chromebooks and Chromeboxes
  • Engraved Commemorative Plaque 
  • Catered lunch for the teacher's lounge from Jersey Mike's

CLICK HERE to nominate your favorite educator!

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