Stacey Lynn's Fixer Upper: We Have Flooring People!

October 29, 2018

Thanks for following my remodel journey with Mountainwood Homes. I have to tell you honestly, this whole experience has been a dream. The last time we went through a remodel I was pregnant with twins and the project was running over by weeks. I remember being in the hospital thinking, when we get home there's gonna be that HGTV big rig in front of our house and someone's gonna yell "Move that truck" and the big surprise reveal will be all of our friends and family cheering because the house was done in time for our twin's homecoming.  Welp, spoiler alert, that didn't happen.

But this downstairs remodel of our bath and mudroom has really been fun. 'Course the twins are 12 now, actually sleeping through the night and can get their own dang glass of milk, so there's that.

Since we started with Mountainwood Homes, coming home from work at the end of the day is like an advent calendar! What new treat will I see when I open the garage door? This week it was our ceiling lights and fans, our gorgeous new vanity with marble top, FLOORING    and new pocket doors (the obscure glass pocket door is still covered up for safety can't wait to see the light it lets in.)

I'm already picturing how good red will look as my Christmas pop of color in a few weeks! Red towels, red candles, with some fresh pine greenery. OMG! 


October 22, 2018

DEMO DAY!!! Quite possibly the two most exciting words I’ve heard in months. I know I need to get out more. But thanks to Mountainwood Homes, demo day is a done deal. Check out the pics below. I'm so glad we heard Bruce from our K103 morning show talking about Mountainwood Homes. We're so pleased with every step of the process so far. Especially David our project manager. And sweet Tino and Jose, those two show up every day with the biggest smiles, they truly love their job. And ripping up flooring, I mean who wouldn't right?! 

Check back next week to see the flooring we picked out. LOVE LOVE LOVE

October 15, 2018

Thank you Mountainwood Homes! For helping us find options that fit our budget and give us the dream bath/mudroom we've been wanting for over a decade! 

Here are the before pics. Again, if you could reserve your judgement for...well, never, that would be super! You may have heard me talk about the cool people I get to work with at Mountainwood Homes. That's Shelly, my designer, helping me pick flooring, fixtures, lights and paint (Repose Gray) David is my Project Manager and he's my go-to on a daily basis. Did I mention Mountainwood Homes uses an app so I can check off on all of selections, see daily work logs and progress pictures as well as make payments? Soo cool!

Follow the journey each week as I'll post new pics of the progress! 

October 8, 2018

There is no feeling quite like seeing a long held dream come true. We’ve been saving and pinning and looking for the right contractor to transform our downstairs bath and mudroom for years. When we came across Mountainwood Homes, Remodeler of the Year by the local Home Builders Association, I had a great feeling. Robert, the owner, came to the house and we discussed everything we wanted to do and budgets. It all just came together, we knew Mountainwood Homes, a full-service design/build team was exactly what we were looking for. Plus we really like Robert! 

I'm beyond excited to share this journey we've been envisioning for so long. Complete with pictures! Here's Robert, the cool guy I was telling you about. And the plans for our space. Check back I'll be posting pics along the way! It will be like our own little HGTV transformation. Only not on tv. And no one to do my hair and makeup.   

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