Daily Drip Links for October 23rd, 2018

Well...hello! It's you! Welcome to this Tuesday, October 23, 2018.A dense fog advisory's been posted until 10 AM. We'll notice a change in the weather as the high-pressure block over the west has drifted away, opening the door to whatever comes in off the ocean, and today that means a chance of light rain this afternoon and evening with highs around 60. A stronger system rolls in on Thursday. Sunrise 7:37 AM, sunset 6:11 PM.

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Alabama Teen finds, Returns Wallet Stuffed with Cash (ABC 33 40 Birmingham)

Girl Accidentally Sent A Photo Of Her Dress To The Wrong Number. As A Result, It Saved The Life Of A Stranger’s Son. (Hasan Jasim)

Russian Scientists Discover Bacteria That Neutralizes Nuclear Waste (Sputnik)

Rowing Team Finds Note By The Lake And Fulfills The Request (Sunny Skyz)

Custodian Is Sent To Clean Up An 'Accident', Walks Into A Surprise Party Thrown By The Students (ABC 7 NY)

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