What's happening Monday morning? Here's what we know.

Here are some updates: a number of weather advisories have come out that may shed light on what we'll be dealing with in the morning. It's complicated; looks like things may be trending south of Portland, but the city is not out of the woods. Or the weeds. First of all, a winter weather ADVISORY for the Portland-Vancouver area. Click HERE!

Then a winter storm WARNING for the Willamette Valley and central/eastern Oregon. Be sure to scroll down for your locale. Click HERE. 

Now here's Mark Nelsen's KPTV weather blog. Click HERE. 

Finally, for nerds and geeks, UW meteorologist Cliff Mass's blog, which is focused on the Puget Sound area, but predicts 6 inches for Portland and more for the Valley. Click HERE

So in the morning, although I'm not on the air, the DD will be going strong, and we'll count on your participation! 

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