How To Rock That Spring Break Staycation So Everyone's Happy

Feeling guilty because you don’t have a big spring break vacation planned for your family? Don’t! Lots of families are opting to stay close to home during school holidays to save money and just because you’re not heading to a far off destination doesn’t mean your kids will be bored. With a little creativity and planning, you can make a staycation so much fun no one will mind being in town and these ideas can get you started.

  • Volunteer at an animal shelter- If your kids are animal lovers, they’ll love getting to spend the day working with them so you can have family fun while giving back.
  • Enroll the kids in camp- Find a fun day camp to keep the little ones active all week.
  • Book a night at a local hotel- Find one with a great pool and pack your bags for a nearby night away from home.
  • Take your kids to work- Check with your boss first, but if you get the thumbs up, your kiddos will have fun checking out where you work all day.
  • Have ice cream for lunch- If you’re always trying to get your kids to eat healthier, surprising them with an ice cream date for lunch will be a really fun treat.
  • Camp in your backyard- Pitch a tent, build a fire, take some camping food and games, and the best part? Your bathroom is just steps away when nature calls.
  • Plan a scavenger hunt- Get some friends involved, split into teams, and take off on an adventure finding clues and be sure to end it with a cool surprise.
  • Host a sleepover- This probably won’t be as much fun for you as it will be for the kids, but one night won’t kill you.
  • Teach them something new- If your child has wanted to learn to play a sport, or the guitar, or learn how to ride a bike, spring break is a great time to make it happen.
  • Give them special one-on-one time- Spend time with each of your kids on their own, so they each get your undivided attention for a day. (**I LOVE this one the best,with three boys I cherish, and I know they do too, our one-on-one time)


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