Quick note from John!

Hi! Here's a Not-the-Daily-Drip from your seriously under-the-weather radio daddio. I feel like the losing army in Game of Thrones. Wracking cough from an inflamed windpipe. There's a burning coal in my suprasternal notch. Two nights of constantly interrupted sleep. Doc appointment on Monday. Now's a good time to buy Kleenex stock.

If I was doing the Daily Drip, we'd talk some about Frank Ivancie, the one-term Portland mayor from the early 80s who died yesterday in his nineties. Now, his term coincided precisely with my detour to Seattle and Houston, so I missed him. And the Baghwan. People remember Ivancie as kind of a Voldemort character, a bust-some-heads guy who didn't much like hippies and yippies hanging out in his parks. But some things got done on his watch. Pioneer Courthouse Square was built, though I remember reading that he was against it. And the first tracks sprouted on a sprawling light rail network. He was a Democrat for Reagan. He left town for good after a jolly barkeep from Goose Hollow crushed him in a landslide, and there was a joke going around Portland for a while. Knock-knock. Who's there? Ivancie. Ivancie who? I'ven't seen a Portland newspaper in years. Whatever happened to him?

So anyway, I'll try to be back on Monday. Enjoy the sunshine; I'll try to as well, though right now I'm doing a pretty good Gollum impression.


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