See Stacey's Family Vacay to Disneyland, Then Win Your Own!

I may have the best job on the planet. I was able to bring my three sons for my live broadcast from DISNEYLAND. And after 2 1/2 days in Disneyland and California Adventure, 45,000+ steps, and countless laughs Cameron said "this is the best family vacation we've ever had." Have to agree.

The number one thing people want to know about is Star Wars Galaxy's Edge. And let me just confirm that it is everything. Bigger than we were expecting, and every little detail was just so impressive from the droids, speeders, ships, to the cast members. I mean everyone is in character. For instance my son Griffin was lucky to get a reservation to build his own lightsaber. That whole process is done in secret, underground, by a trained master who imparted many secrets of the Jedi. I wasn’t allowed in, or told much about it except it was "the coolest thing ever". And when Grif walked into the daylight with his saber even he instinctively hid it when the storm troopers walked past us to a guy in a baseball hat. One of them knocked the dudes hat off and said ‘you’re not welcome here Rebel scum”

There were so many highlights but as avid Star Wars fans (our cats are Solo and Leia) our favorite was Star Wars Galaxy's Edge. We went back three times. And the Smugglers Run ride? DO IT!

Listen at 7:10a for your name and call us back within 30 minutes.

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